My new Camera

After much discussions in and out of office, I finally landed myself a new camera . Its a Sony HX-1. There were some very vehement opposition to my choice of the equipment but then I am an insticitive person and hence did what my gut said was the right thing to do. Here are the reasons

1. Superb HD video quality was a prime requirement and hence Canon didnt fit the bill.

2. Needed a camera that had better consumer feature since I am not really into prefessional photography. I needed automatic features and other jazzy stuff

3. 10 fps shots are great for wildlife photography and sports action. I think thats something which would be great to start with

4. Feature such as panormic shot, camera re touch, twilight mode are value added features that are usually not found in other cameras.

I will start posting more about the camera and picture taken by it soon. Keep watching this space.

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